5 Tips for a Darker Bedroom

It’s really simple: with lack of light we naturally get sleepy as melatonin increases in our bodies. Morning light most often acts as our natural alarm clock, waking us up as it brightens our space. The light also activates the release of cortisol, as is our natural cycle. Unless you are already sleeping in pitch dark, there might be room for improvement.

Making physical changes in our sleeping environment most often leads to worthwhile improvements in our sleep; there by giving at least a measure of relief from insomnia. These long lasting changes to our physical space are a good place to start.

Here are 5 ways to block the light out of your bedroom, when it’s time to sleep.

1  Install black out blinds, room-darkening shades or light blocking curtains for your windows. Some keep light out better than others. Different windows will need different approaches. You’ll have to be a discriminating shopper or designer, yet better sleep is so worth the effort.

2  Banish the glowing lights from various devices! Remove electronics from your room. That’s a straight forward solution. If there are some that have to stay, block the glow with dark tape or another object. Glowing clock faces can be turned away from you and placed some distance from the bed.

3  Do you use a night light so you can safely get down the hall in the middle of the night?  Choose one that it is activated by motion so it is only on when you are awake.

There are two types of motion activated night lights  — one plugs into a wall outlet and the other is battery operated. I don’t use a night light so I’m short on suggestions for a brand or style.  Please share the ones you like in the comments below.

4  Use a red light flashlight for navigation at night. It won’t wake you up as much as the rest of the colors in the light spectrum. I use one of these. I find it soothing and it helps me stay in a sleepy state during a trip to the bathroom, which unfortunately is down the hall. The one I use can be found on Amazon

5  Sometimes you just can’t make your bedroom dark. This is where a sleep mask might be the solution. There are many styles and materials to choose from. Comfort and effectiveness in blocking the light are the key features of a sleep mask. I tried a comfortable foam eye mask. It was designed especially for sleeping in an airplane seat. I tried it out at home first. The mask moved off of my eyes the moment my head hit the pillow! It would have worked, if I slept on my back. So choose a style that will stay in place as you turn your head on your pillow. 

I found sleep mask at Dream Essentials. It seems to address my concerns. I’ll order one and try it out. I will let you know how I like it!

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