9 Essentials For Your Night Spa Basket

A night spa basket is a special collection of items you can use to be more comfortable and better enjoy your nighttime sleep journey. Have these things in easy reach for use in your bedtime ritual. They might also be helpful later, if you wake during the night.

Gather everything you might find supportive for your sleep journey. Here’s what’s I include:  


  •  Hand lotion
  •  Lip balm 
  •  Lavender and sweet orange aromatherapy pillow spray 
  •  Homeopathic arnica tablets for relieving muscle aches
  •  Homeopathic pain relief cream 
  •  Flashlight that shines red light
  •  A glass of water
  •  Facial tissues
  •  A notebook and pencil for clearing your mind or collecting your dreams


Consider storing your spa basket out of sight during the day. Let it be exclusively for night. This way  it can serve as a cue for your self care and as a reminder that your night journey is indeed a precious time.

I take my basket out of the night stand drawer for my nightly ritual of applying hand lotion and lip balm. The pillow spray is there incase I feel like using aromatherapy also. If something comes to mind that I need to take care of, I’ll write a reminder in my notebook. This way my mind is free to more fully let go of daytime cares. The other items are there in case I need them. It’s especially helpful to stay in my nighttime consciousness while I get a sip of water or use a homeopathic cream to relieve muscle aches.

Sleep educator Sondra Kornblatt suggests a night spa basket in her book, Restful Insomnia. Kudos to Sondra for adapting this great concept to providing comfort at night. I feel really well cared for with my little basket and spa items on my night stand.

Do you think you might try this? Is there something you already have on your nightstand, that you wouldn’t do without? Let us know in the comments below

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