Is caffeine healthy for you?

Is Caffeine An Angel Or A Devil?

It seems caffeine is beneficial for a good deal of people. It’s also true, caffeine can work ...

Black or green tea can be delish and lower in caffeine than it might otherwise be.

7 Ways To Reduce Caffeine In Your Tea

Less caffeine might make the difference! Less caffeine might be your key or one of your keys to allow you more renewing sleep. Plus, many people experience increased anxiety

Are You Letting Gratitude Open A Door?

“Gratitude opens the door to…the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe. You open the door through gratitude.”  Deepak...

Create small daily habits to support your best sleep and your vibrant life.

Habits; In A “Poems, Prayers and Wisdom Words” Post

Many tiny steps taken one after another, on a daily basis, create a strong habit.

Is walking something you can feel really good about doing as a routine?

Ease Past Resistance: 3 Recipes For Starting A Habit of Walking

Consider the habit you truly want to start. Pick the tiniest first step. Follow the recipe and you will be on your way to better days and nights.

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