Smile breathe and be calm

Breathing With Thich Nhat Hanh

"Breathing in, I calm my body. Breathing out, I smile." Simply being calm is good for sleeping well.

A walk in nature at 7 AM is especially therapeutic.

Want To Do This, At 7 AM?

Wow! Walking in the morning is the best for improving the quality of your sleep. Plus, people who have a routine of morning walks are more likely to maintain their habit over time.

Build the new

The Secret of Change

Where do you want to be building anew? Socrates is featured here in Poems, Prayers and Wisdom Sayings.

Notice, in turn, with all of your senses.

A Guided Noticing Practice

Getting back to sleep from waking up too early, is difficult for many women I work with. This is a video to get you started with "noticing", a mindfulness practice. It's truly simple, yet regular practice...

Mini Post in the theme: Prayers from Around the World

A prayer Of The Q’ero People

Enjoy a moment of arm chair travel. I'm offering "Poems, Prayers, and Wisdom Sayings" weekly with the intent of bringing more peace to many hearts. Today's is from the Q'ero in Peru.

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