Noticing practice strengthens ability to let thoughts and feeling pass by.

Surf Into Peaceful Sleep

Do you wish you were in a peaceful state of mind and body at bedtime? Practice 1 minute as outlined here. I'll show you how to make this one of your habits! You'll be on your way to experiencing more peace and more sleep.

Make a habit of letting go with a sigh.

Can you relax in 30 seconds?

Sighing allows for relaxation with ease. Ultimately this is a good habit for getting better sleep and nixing insomnia. Relaxing leads to resting, when rest is needed. And resting leads to...

Walking daily is good for everything including sleep.

A Gallery of Inspiration

This is a collection of inspirational quotes, restful images and peaceful reflections. Lovely thoughts for relaxing, resting and getting to peaceful sleep.

Checklist For A More Sleep-friendly Bedroom

Here is an overview of things to consider in making your bedroom or sleep environment as wonderful as it can be. These improvements can directly assist you in getting a good night's sleep and are truly wise investments!

Hand Lotion, Lip balm, Arnica, Aromatherapy pillow spa

9 Essentials For Your Night Spa Basket

Sleep environment: Post 3 in the series. A spa basket can be a cue for your self care and a reminder of your night journey being a precious time indeed.

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