This lighting sets the mood for resting, relaxing and falling asleep

How’s the Ambiance in Your Bedroom?

Sleep environment: Post 2 in the series. Lighting is one powerful way to create ambiance in your bedroom. Let’s take a quick look at a few things to consider in making your bedroom an even more cozy and desirable sanctuary.

A dark sleeping space is optimal for getting plenty of deep sleep.

5 Tips for a Darker Bedroom

Sleep environment: Post 1 in the series.Sleeping in a dark bedroom environment helps us sleep more. It's another step to letting go of insomnia. Light at night, in our sleep environment, raises our cortisol levels disrupting our sleep. Elevated cortisol in the evening has damaging effects on our health as well. Take a look at these 5 tips for creating a dark space for sleeping and improving your health at the same time.

What is sleep hygiene and does it help to relieve insomnia?

Sleep hygiene is all the activities and conditions recommended to optimize our likelihood of sleeping well on a regular basis! This is a pretty big important list. The idea is to turn these suggestions into actions to improve your sleep. It is certainly doable; although, action does have to be taken.

Wind down and get sleepy, in time for a full night of sleep!

The last hour of the day is a wonderful time to enjoy relaxing. If we turn down our lights as well as turning off our computer screens and TVs we can be better poised to fall asleep with ease. Setting this habit may very well improve our health as well as our sleep. This post has ideas for making your wind-down time delightful.

Journaling About Your Sleep: Seven days of exploration

Prompts for 7 days of journaling about your sleep. Compassionately looking at your current sleep habits will provide clarity and build a foundation. From this foundation you will be informed when making goals for better sleep and choosing the first tiny steps to take.

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