Checklist For A More Sleep-friendly Bedroom

Here is an overview of things to consider in making your sleep environment as wonderful as it can be. Changes you take the time to create now will be contributing to your comfort for months and years to come. Making improvements in any one of these categories is a wise investment!


Sleep-friendly Environment Checklist

____ A Dedicated Space 

Reserve your bedroom for sleep and sex, only. Remove or at least hide any distractions such as: Work related items, electronics, crafts, or a TV. Let your space be conducive for your positive routines, habits and rituals around sleep.

____ A Dark Space    

Cavelike might be just what works best for your sleep. Check out my post, 5 Tips For A Darker Bedroom. See if there are more ways you can make darkness work in your favor.

____ Set The Mood With Lighting      

Use soft and warm lighting in your bedroom. You will be setting a restful and perhaps romantic mood. How’s The Ambiance In Your Bedroom?, is a blog post I wrote addressing bedroom lighting. Click through to read more on lighting.

____ Quiet In The Sleep Zone!   

There’s only so much control we have over noises from traffic and neighbors. Try using white noise such as a fan or recordings of soothing sounds to soften the effect of outside noise. Ear plugs are another option to decrease the impact of noise while you sleep.

____ The Cool Advantage

Keep your room cool. Sleeping in a room that is about 65 degrees fahrenheit is optimum according many research studies.

____ Your All Important Bed  

Make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible. Is it time for a new bed? Could your bed be made more comfortable? Bed toppers are often a good way to add some soft comfort to your bed. I like either natural wool or latex options. The links provide examples of these types of products. I don’t participate in affiliate marketing, at this time.

____ Pillows

Are your bed pillows super comfortable? There are so many good choices. If you are unhappy with your pillow, try a softer or firmer pillow. Perhaps you might want to try a pillow made out of a different material. Here are four eco-friendly and non-toxic pillow stuffing or filling materials:


Organic Wool

Natural Latex

Buckwheat Hulls

____ Linens 

Sleep under the most comfortable linens possible! Go for the feel you love. My personal preference is light weight and silky smooth organic cotton sheets. I love the cloud like softness these sheets provide in combination with the right comforter.

____ Design and Maintain

Make your bedroom a pleasant space. 9 Essentials For Your Night Spa Basket, is a post with ideas for providing comfort and ease during your night journey. The four categories listed below are important to address regularly for a wonderful sleep sanctuary.

Clean and Organized

Clear of Clutter

Appealing to Your Sense of Smell

Visually Attractive

The nine categories above pretty much cover the gamut of areas to consider when you want to improve your sleeping environment. Did you find something you would like to take action on? Is there something you’d like to add to this checklist? You are so welcome to leave a comment in the  “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of the page.

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