Ease Past Resistance: 3 Recipes For Starting A Habit of Walking

“I don’t even want to think about changing my habits. I’m just not good at following through,” said too many people, too often! I’m sad when I hear those kinds of limiting beliefs and negative attitudes. And I’ll admit, to hearing similar thoughts, in my own head, from time to time!  Who doesn’t?

The tiny steps recipes, I’m writing about today, will allow you to ease past any internal resistance. There are two reasons for this ease. First, you will choose from extra-small beginning activities so your resistance doesn’t get activated. Second, you will be choosing to start a habit that is in alignment with your values and goals as well as being supportive of those around you.

I’ll give you a few examples of how you might go about starting a walking habit. See if one of these first steps might be a fit for you to start your, new or newly timed, walking habit. You might choose to create your own first step. Perhaps you will use the scenarios as templates as guides.

This post goes hand in hand with another post on I’ve done: Want To Do This At 7 AM? Reading about benefits there, just might peak your enthusiasm for an early morning walk.

Below are 3 recipes for beginning a morning walking routine. One of these might be right for you. Or have a go at making up your own starting activity. Try it out. Each time you do it; celebrate! If it does’t take ahold, reiterate and make a change or two. You could either make changes to this tiny first step or design a different first step. Got for it again and sincerely celebrate each of your successes.

Starting A Habit: 3 Recipes For First Tiny Steps

Recipe #1  Start with the habit of getting your walking shoes and clothes ready the night before. That’s all. Do that for 5 days! Celebrate each time you do this prep step. No need to actually walk those first 5 days.

You can go for a walk if you really want. No need to hold yourself back. Do stay in your comfort zone. Add walking bit by bit as you feel solid with the first step in your habit formation.

Recipe #2  Get out of doors at 7 AM. You could start with this tiny step, especially if special clothing is not an issue. Here too, no need to walk for the first five days. And you can walk a bit if you like. Be kind to yourself. Enjoy whatever you like about stepping outside. Remember: A quick celebration, right then, is in order!

Recipe #3  This is for people who are already in the habit of walking, more or less regularly. For this scenario the tiny step might be to set an alarm for the 7 AM walk. Tag your tiny step (alarm setting) on to an already stable habit; such as, setting your alarm for your regular morning wake up, after you close a program on your computer at the end of your work day, or perhaps you could set a recurring appointment with a notification in your calendar. That could be all you do for the first week or two. It would get you that much closer to using the alarm to start walking. Celebrate the success of having a reminder and having a schedule. You deserve an atta girl. Tell yourself, ”Well done.”

Or if you feel like walking any of those days, start by warming up with 5 minutes of slow walking and then pick up the pace. Wear the right clothing for your optimal comfort. One of the many things I like about walking around 7 AM is the sun still sitting low in the sky. I don’t need a hat or sunscreen to protect my skin.

Setting This New Habit: Mixing The Ingredients

Check With Your Doctor

Are you fit enough to start a routine of walking for exercise? Talk to you doctor before you start a walking program, if there is any question about your level of fitness in relation to your exercise plan.

We want to be our best for our tribe.

The people in our lives are important, beyond words.


Connect: It’s  Powerful

Before you start the first day of your tiny step, think about how maintaining a walking habit will change your life for the better. Perhaps, walking will have you sleeping better, give you more energy or provide more clarity of mind. Think and possibly visualize how this habit will have positive impacts on the people around you.

These positive connections have an impact on your “fast brain” or automatic acting thought processes! This powerful step is very important. Repeat this step as often as you like.

Just the right amount of practice builds or maintains a habit.

Practice: An essential ingredient in creating a habit.


Repeat, Repeat And Expand

Repeat and repeat until this habit has become so solid you are drawn to it. Then you can add another tiny step to expand your habit.

Feeling good

Awesome! Take a celebratory stance.



Remember to celebrate immediately after you take your tiny step. Celebrate in a small way each and every time. Here are some ideas for celebrating. Say; “Yeah team or Awesome!” Pat yourself on the back. Throw your hands in the air, as if you just won an Olympic gold for running the 100 yard dash. Or, do a happy dance.


Here’s how it goes in a nutshell. Consider the habit you want to start. Pick the tiniest first step. Choose where, in your day, it will happen. Tag that first step onto something you are already do everyday. It needs to come after the action you already take. Practice this step regularly until it feels solid. Be sure to celebrate immediately after you have accomplished your step. Enjoy!

If you want some assistance with this process, contact me. I’d love to support you in forming daily habits that contribute to your restful and renewing sleep.

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