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Are you getting enough sleep to fuel your joyful-kick-up-your-heals kinda life? If you answer no, or not so much, then, this blog is for you. Sleep can be improved through self-care, daily habits and learning. For those having a sleep condition that needs medical attention, you may find additional help here. This blog is not a replacement for professional health care.

I’m Fairin, wellness coach, teacher, and blogger.  I’ve worked with people to improve their sleep both as a mental health clinician and as a massage therapist.  Even in the midst of assisting others, I experienced chronic insomnia intermittently. I’m a much better sleeper now.  It’s great to be confident in my ability to sleep well. Yet, let me be clear, I still have room for improvement. More of my story is on the about page. And I’ll be sharing more of my journey as we go.


Would you like to get to the yummy feeling that is the joy of sleep?  You know, that yummy feeling when you can’t keep your eyes open as you sweetly drop off to sleep. Or how about that thrilled-to-awaken-full-of-energy-for-the-new-day feeling? This blog is about getting truly great sleep!

You are invited. Let’s be holistic explorers. We’ll get sleep savvy.  Most importantly we will become better sleepers step by step.

All things sleep related are in the realm of Joy of Sleeping. We’ll sprinkle in sleepy time photos montages, bedroom designs, bed pillow reviews, perhaps even a some fairly tales; plus varied and fascinating sleep tidbits.


Why?  Simply because so many of us would feel more joy with getting more sleep!  Of course, we would function better and be healthier too. You know it is easier to make new habits with support. Right? I’m here to support you with multifaceted learning and encouragement.

Wonderfully our new habits easily lead to new attitudes.  Here’s where an upward spiral can take hold! I’m feeling inspired. I hope you are too.


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