How’s the Ambiance in Your Bedroom?

Lighting is one powerful way to create ambiance in your bedroom. Let’s take a quick look at a few things to consider when addressing your lighting situation. Maybe there are some lighting adjustments that would make your bedroom an even more desirable sanctuary.

Lighting should be well matched to the activities taking place in a space. Generally, offices and kitchen work spaces call for plenty of bright light. Ideally, your bedroom is a space dedicated purely to sleep and sex. Soft, warm, and attractive lighting for the bedroom is most appealing. One exception might be the dressing area of the bedroom, where you likely want more illumination. Below are some of my suggestions for addressing the lighting in your bedroom.

  • Survey your bedroom as it is lit at night. How does it feel? Are there shadows or anything  else about the light that doesn’t feel good? Are your light bulbs providing light in the warm part of the light spectrum? Do you have too much light coming from a ceiling fixture? Is there an easy way to adjust the light for a sexier or more relaxing ambiance?
  • Change to warm and soft lighting. Get bulbs that aren’t too bright. Look for the words “warm light” or “warm spectrum lighting” on the packaging. Avoid bright white light bulbs. They give off too much of the blue spectrum, which our bodies respond to with alertness. 
  • Are your lights easy to use? We want our energy to flow effortlessly in our bedrooms. If your wall and dimmer switches or lamps are difficult to use, fix them or replace them. Our goal is both charm and comfort.
  • It’s so cozy and relaxing to enjoy some candlelight before bed. Have you tried the great, rechargeable votive size candles? When I see them flickering in a small glass container, I always mistake them for the real thing. As an extra bonus, they don’t put any pollutants in the air like real candles do.
  • A small string of little white twinkle lights can add some pizzazz! They are bright white, so put them at a distance of five feet or greater from where you spend your time. The impact of blue light drops off at about five feet. So go ahead and decorate with these, if you like.

Ready, set, go for the quick lighting solutions route to sweet ambiance in your bedroom.

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