I Am Sleeping Well Now! Here’s How…

I woke up feeling butterfly like!  I mean transformed! My rest was deep. I awoke musing about my feelings of butterfly-ness. This is grand. Wooohoo!  

And then, no kidding, this thought crossed my mind: what if I’m sick? Sleeping more can be a symptom of illness or fighting off an illness. I gave this a brief consideration. Nope. I’m definitely not sick. Flutter flutter and “back I was” to enjoying my newly emerged self. Being full of joy in the morning is the real me!

This butterfly-ness is especially sweet in contrast to the less than ideal sleep I was experiencing earlier in this month. Having a few short nights of sleep happens to everyone here and there. Remembering that helps me be patient with myself.

 I’ve been journaling and keeping track of my hours of sleep on most nights of the week for over a year now. Courting peace and balance in my life has paid off. Here’s what I’ve changed as a result:

  • Practice mindfulness meditation. This has made calming and quieting my body and mind so much more attainable. Sleep has been greatly improved because of this one thing! 
  • Keep a routine of going to sleep about the same hour each night.
  • Minimize my screen time starting an hour and a half before my bedtime.
  • My phone automatically switches to do not disturb mode 30 minutes before bedtime.
  • Do something enjoyable and relaxing in the last hour before bed. Knitting or sewing and listening to an easy to “digest” audiobook are favorites. I’ll listen to a meditation or relaxing music as I go to sleep, if I’m feeling a bit wired. Generally, I like to enjoy the familiar sounds of my neighborhood as I go to sleep.
  • Take some moments each evening to feel gratitude. After I’m in bed, I enjoy feeling grateful for a few things from my day or from my life. 
  • No snacking before bed and eating dinner 2 or 3 hours before my bedtime.

There you have it. Those are the habits and routines that are working, to help be butterfly-like during my waking hours.

There is one piece I’d like to leave you with that might effect your sleep habits as well. I’ve been taking Chinese herbs for a couple of weeks and they seem to be playing a key role in this latest week-plus of great sleep. The herbs were custom blended with the specific purpose of strengthening my body. Sleep wasn’t what we were trying to address, yet, the herbs could be allowing my body to fix other issues leaving me to snooze especially well. Again, woohooo!

I wanted to share my experience of waking up joyfully with you so that hopefully my story will enlighten you in some way. My mission is to assist “the sleep deprived” in finding their pathways to more renewing and refreshing sleep. We are all going to be unique in our specific combination of keys to getting great sleep, and perhaps there are some universally applicable nuggets in my story that you can use for yourself. 

Let me know if you’d like to talk with me about discovering your pathway to better sleep by unfolding into better health. You could be musing about your butterfly wings sooner than you might imagine!

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