Journaling About Your Sleep: Seven days of exploration

Before you think about a strategy to transform your sleep pattern, take a week or more to observe and reflect on your relationship with sleep. I’ve made a list of seven prompts. Try them out and get started writing about your sleep as it is right now.

Experiment with journaling using the following prompts listed below by day. Make your entries any length you like. These prompts can be use as fill-in-the-blanks or use them as jumping off points to write as much as you wish.

Please be loving and gentle with yourself. And be curious, too. Avoid judging yourself. Possible “spoiler alert”, compassion for myself has been a major key for letting go of insomnia. The professors and leaders in the field of wellness psychology have this advice. Not that they have cornered that market. The Dali Lama and many others come to mind, as well. Be kind to yourself and the growth you experience will last. This “being kind” includes our internal conversations, too. Endeavor to be kind to yourself as you observe your daytime habits and your sleep habits.

Prompts for 7 days of sleep journaling: A starting place.

Day One:

I get my best sleep when ___________________________
If only I could __________________I’d get more sleep. I’m frustrated by _________________________________________________________.

Day Two:

My sleep usually looks like ______________. Last nights sleep was ________ _____ like usual. Last nights sleep was different ___________.

Day Three:

Things I do during the day that might be making it difficult to sleep well at night are ___________, ____________________, _______________.

Consider any of the following that might be factors: Stress, caffeine, alcohol, a lack of exercise, over exertion, lack of time in nature and natural light, and health problems. You may not know all of the things that could be effecting your sleep. Take some guesses, if you don’t know.

______________, _________________, ______________, ____________

Day Four:

My bed is ___________________ . My bedding and pillow are _______________________. My bedroom and bed are ______________ __________ for sleeping. _________, __________, ____________ might make my bedroom better for sleeping.

Day Five:

I used a computer, or smart phone phone, tv or the like today for __________________ hours/minutes? I spend the last hour before bed ______________, __________________________________________.
Most days I’m in front of a screen ______________ hours per day.

Day six:

I am feeling_____________________________ about my sleep. It seems I enjoy sleeping most when I _____________________________.

Day Seven:

When I can’t sleep, I think about _______________________. Here are somethings I say to my self when I can’t sleep _______________,  __________________, _________________

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