Not your grandmother’s sleep journal!

Does a mole skin notebook with an old ball point pen and pressures to write like a pro every single day come to mind? Bust out of that box! Journaling can be a fascinating journey with your thoughts, your goals and a one of a kind view of your life.

No need to stick to just writing. An art journal or a combo of writing and art work are fabulous too. And there are numerous journaling apps. I use the Day One journal app on my computer and iPhone.

Choose your favorite pens, paints, papers, book, folders or you name it! Set yourself up for robust engagement with journaling whether you journal for a few minutes or for a block of time.

Allow creativity to be your ally, and there’ll be plenty of pizzazz in your process. Or maybe journaling is already a resource for you. Would focusing on journaling about sleep be different for you? In any case, there’s power with journaling to transform your days and your nights.

Here’s a possibility. Start small, just do the fun part, in petite doses. Call it an experiment, if you want. Tiny entries might dodge any resistance. Or give the resistance your nonjudgemental attention and get acquainted with it. That’s one way to be with resistance!

Do it daily or, at least, a few days a week. Let me know if you discover even the tiniest bit of something positive or if you find yourself learning as you go. Comment in the section below or send an email.

In the next post, I’m going to suggest you do some noticing about daily habits and your quality of sleep. Maybe some of the ideas in this post will make journaling what you see in the relationship between your sleeping and your daytime life irresistibly attractive!

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