Re-Visioning Your Relationship With Sleep

A holistic consulting program for creating deep and fully restful sleep patterns.

Here’s what you’ll be doing in this six re-visioning your sleep sessions:

  • Learning the most powerful ways to improve the quality of your sleep

  • Exploring an inventory of factors affecting your sleep

  • Upgrading your beliefs concerning sleep

  • Creating specific goals for a better sleep pattern

  • Taking small steps toward achieving your goals

  • Receiving inspiration and support as you transition to more rest and better sleep

Here’s how it works:

You will have six consulting sessions via telephone. Skype or FaceTime communications are also a choice, if you prefer. You have the opportunity to communicate with Fairin between sessions via email. The six sessions are to be used within a six to fourteen week time frame.

Materials Provided: You will receive Journal pages, “JOS Sleep Profile™” worksheets, handouts, articles, individual support via email and referrals to professional sleep specialists, if needed. Program materials are available, to you, for one full year.

Cost: The cost of the program is $595. The program can be paid in one payment of $595 or two payments of $299. In the case of two payments the second one is due before the 4th consulting session.

One Payment or  Two Payments

I’m available for a free discovery session. Call me to discuss your particular challenges with sleep. Start moving toward more vibrance and joy. My work is especially for people who experience chronic insomnia or for people who have trouble sleeping because of “busy-brain” and too much stress. Sleeping-wake disorders generally need the help of a medical doctor or professionals at a sleep clinic. I can assist you in finding your next steps whether it is through referrals or with my re-visioning program.

Call me, Fairin, at 413-282-8556 to schedule a complimentary discovery session — via phone

What to expect in your discovery session:

We will talk about your current sleep pattern. We can also consider a small step or two to take especially for you to sleep more restfully. And you can begin right away. In addition to this, I will share a bit about my Re-visioning Your Relationship with Sleep consulting program. Allow 30 minutes for this session.

Call 413-282-8556 now to make your appointment.