Rock Your World With Gratitude

Grateful? Journal about it for a few minutes. Change your life! Grab your pen, pencil, art supplies or your computer. Record 5 things or happenings that you are grateful for. It’s quick and easy, yet it is enough to have a positive impact. As your grateful heart and mind transform you, ripples from these few moments will have good influences on those around you as well. 

Remember you only need to do this once each week. Hopefully, journaling gratitude will be such an uplifting experience that you will be drawn to do it more than once a week! Are you inspired to give it a go?



Okay. Let’s get started with gratitude journaling. Something special happens for our learning and understanding when we write things down. And it bears mentioning, the act of writing is even stronger when we write with a pen or pencil, over using a keyboard. 

Making art engages our brain and emotions in different ways. No one said journaling had to be exclusively writing. Go ahead with an art journal or a combination of the two. Collage, anyone?

Because it is recorded. You can review what you have been grateful for. You will be able to look back over a month, a year or a decade! Maybe you want to use it as a planning tool. Survey your entries and consider what you’d like more of  in your life. Conversely, you might want to attend to what has been missing in your life.

Keeping a weekly record of your gratitude will likely assist you in remembering to be grateful more often. It will keep you tuned-in to gratitude. Some part of you will be aware of your task of choosing 5 things to include in your journal, in the near future.

There’s research supporting weekly gratitude journaling. Studies by Robert A. Emmons Phd. professor of psychology at University of California, Davis and by Michael E. McCullough Phd. of the University of Miami used this method of gratitude journaling in their studies. They found, people in their study, who wrote a sentence for each of five things they are grateful for had many benefits. The benefits included: better health, sounder sleep, more happiness, and longer workout times. In his book, Thanks, Emmons states: “Gratitude is literally one of the few things that can change peoples lives.”

How will you be organizing your journaling? Probably the straight forward method would be a single notebook dedicated to weekly gratitude journaling. Everyone can come up with their own way of journaling; yet, sometimes it helps to hear how others choose to write and organize. I have a section in my moleskin journal reserved exclusively for gratitude posts.

I have an art station. It took me years to get around to setting up the station! Now it’s a reality, I’m doing my gratitude journaling with a little colorful art thrown in. Since it’s fun and easy to access, I do my journaling fairly often. My sessions are usually only a few minutes each but they are ever so uplifting. It’s excellent food for my soul.

For a full year now, I have been doing most of my journaling in the Day One App. I love this online method because I have it set to automatically open on my desktop twice a day. I’ve just started using tags. I made a tag for entries on gratitude. All I need to do is search for that tag among my journal entries. Every entry I have tagged “gratitude” comes up in a collection with that search. Sweet!

If you want to learn more about using tags in your journaling app, just google; “how to use tags” for the app you are using. To be clear, tags are not the same as hashtags.

 Each person decides how to organize with their own tagging system. It’s good to make rules before you start. Be sure to write them down, where you can easily refer to them and adjust your system as your needs change. I have an entry for insights on tagging. That includes my own guidelines and description of how to use my tags.



Need a little assist to get started? Here are some prompts to get your gratitude flowing. They are in the form of fill in the blanks.

______________________________ brought a smile to my face. I am grateful for this.

I am inspired by ___________________________ and I’m grateful for this inspiration.

I was happy to see _______________________________. I am grateful from my heart for this person in my life.

Today I was uplifted by _____________________________. (More specifically; check in with your heart about music, beautiful scenes, foods, laughter and books from this week or from anytime.

I have gratitude for ______________________________________________. I love this about myself.

There you go. Get together with your favorite journaling method once a week. Feel your gratitude and record it. Have fun! It will rock your world and the world of those around you!

You may enjoy another even easier gratitude practice. Simply review what you are grateful for just after getting into bed each night. You can read about the gratitude before sleep practice in my post, Are You Letting Gratitude Open A Door? This too is very good for enjoying deep and peaceful sleep.


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