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So many people tell me, “I don’t want to take pills to sleep.” These are people who clearly need more sleep and yet, don’t have a good solution. Do you know the feelings that often come with insomnia? Frustration, fear, and discouragement are common ones, for sure. Sound familiar?

It was for me also. I have been there! I had what I called intermittent chronic insomnia that went on for many years. Sadly, often my sleep was less than I needed to function well. Some days that would have been a mild way to say it!

No lotions, potions, or pills needed.

I’ve worked on it. I tried as many things as seemed reasonable. I found some really practical solutions that worked! No lotions, potions, or pills needed. I will say getting my masters degree in clinical psychology did help, eventually. Actually, that was after the stress of school and working long hours subsided. Read more about my personal journey to better sleep here.

I’m here to share holistic solutions and more, with those who might benefit. I’ll share my process of uncovering imbalances. Plus, “spot on” daily habits such as healthy eating, changing how you might think about sleep and other pertinent factors to consider.

I’m also here to explore exciting frontiers in getting truly restful sleep. Sleep has been a specific medical discipline only since the 1970’s. It is one of the younger medical specialties. There’s very interesting research being done in the field and related fields. Plus there are so many wisdom tradition teachings to adventure into. My Gift To YouTogether, let’s explore the health solutions for getting deep and restful sleep! Start now with…

My Gift to You

My 5 Top Strategies for Getting to Sleep with Ease

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