Want To Do This, At 7 AM?

Taking a walk, daily, helps you sleep better. No surprise there! 

Here’s the twist. It turns out, 7 AM is the best time to walk for improving the quality of your sleep! This is according to Vonda Wright MD. Dr. Wright says people who took a walk at 7 AM each day were found to spend 75% more time in deep sleep at night. She reports they also cycle through the sleep stages more often during the night.

I’ll be walking at 7 AM. You betcha! I have got to try this, when the weather warms up. I don’t mind walking in cold weather; but, it’s a windy + 1 degree outside my home today. Still, I’m excited to change my routine to walking at 7 AM, eventually, for at least a few weeks.

You know the really good rested and energized feeling you get with a full night of sleep? Those feelings are what I use to confirm that I got a truly full and restful night’s sleep. So, I’ll keep track of how I feel daily via notes in my journal. Look for a blog post, by May 1st, on my results.

Here’s another reason to walk in the morning. People who walk in the morning are better at sticking to their walking routine, according to Dr. Wright. That seems true for me, as well. My plans to walk in the afternoon often get sidetracked. I feel it’s because I’ve used up too much of my willpower “muscle” by the afternoon.

I’m thinking some of my readers are probably already walking early in the morning. If you aren’t in the habit now, are you ready to lace up your shoes and get out for a walk at 7 AM one day soon?  How about asking a friend to join you?

You also might want to keep track of your progress. Not journaling online yet? Want to try it? I use the Day One Journal on my MacBook and iPhone. I love getting the prompts. I set the prompts for the best times in my day to take a moment and make a short entry. If you have an Android or want to use a Chrome extension, I suggest you try Journey. Journey has the reminder notifications feature. I find using the daily reminder, that automatically opens the journal, ensures I will make an entry.

I'm as much a walkie as I am a foodie!

What kind of terrain will you be walking on?

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