What is sleep hygiene and does it help to relieve insomnia?

Here’s the nut shell version:

Sleep hygiene is all the activities and conditions recommended to optimize our likelihood of sleeping well on a regular basis! This is a pretty big important list. The idea is to turn these suggestions into actions to improve your sleep. It is certainly doable; although, action does have to be taken.

There are strategies for incorporating key changes with ease. I’ll help you with these. I will be presenting these strategies in this blog and in my Re-visioning Your Relationship with Sleep Program.

The expanded version:

We will get into each one of the sleep hygiene suggestions or concepts in future blog posts. I’ll be breaking up the subject of Sleep Hygiene into many posts. Each suggestion will get it’s own place in the spotlight!

With reading the sleep hygiene series of posts, you may:

  • Consider one ingredient of getting better sleep at a time
  • Read through the posts of interest, at your own pace
  • Take what fits and leave the rest
  • Get ideas for prioritizing your steps to better sleep
  • Learn from what has worked for others
  • Learn more about sleep
  • Be inspired by stories of transformed sleeping patterns
  • Become more aware of the beliefs you have that might be getting in the way of better sleep
  • Celebrate your successes with our blog reading community

In my program, Re-visioning Your Relationship with Sleep, you have the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy working with a co-creator as you explore your current relationship with sleep
  • Receive support for creating the changes that will allow for better more restful sleep
  • Learn how to cultivate and truly engage your willpower
  • Upgrade your beliefs about sleep
  • Learn more about sleeping well

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